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A New Revolution in

Card Payments!

We are Fidutam, a company devoted to developing the future of payment card security, and leveraging technologies like blockchain to do so.

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A New but Familiar Payment Method.

The latest power payment technologies packed into one simple solution.


Fidutam has developed a new type of virtual card & synched to your credit card, debit card, or bank.

Just the Way You Like It

Users can set up multiple FiduCards, and tailor their designs and payment types to their liking.

0 Liability

FiduCards are based on blockchain and tokenization, the most powerful tech in cybersecurity.

Organize Your Cards

You can designate certain cards for certain purchases or stores, and give them names and restrictions.

Get Rewards

Get crypto rewards and payments by spending 💸 on your FiduCard.

Full Transparency

We don't hide anything from you: no fees, and no transactions.


Blockchain keeps you in control. You can share your card with others, too.


Each virtual card costs only $0.33. Why haven't you gotten one yet?

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of dev and design for Fidutam's 1st pilot.

Fidutam's version one already outclasses existing security methods on the market, while not requiring people or companies to do anything new.

Simple, but Scintillating 🤩
Check out Our Pitch for More Info!

Learn about our product, business model, and overall demographic target through our pitch for the CONRAD Foundation.

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Fidutam's product is solving a WBP (world's biggest problem) - card security, which causes a global loss of over $5 Trillion USD 🤯. This is why we're developing the FiduCard - a card that allows users to spend independently of their PI, and place transactions with optimal security.

We're using top cutting-edge technologies so that we can make the best possible, most secure, and most convinient product. Check out our blog for more.

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Say Hi to Fidutam's App

✅ Built-in Functionality
💳 Unparalleled Security

This is the application where you can access and manage the coveted FiduCard (its yours!).


We also offer a full scale analysis platform to run testing and diagnostics, as well as predictions for our program.

Analytics Public Beta

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We're currently seeking investments, as well as a couple of engineers. Contact us if you're interested in providing funds, or helping out!

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Meet The Team
Hi There!

Okezue and Wisdom are founders, and Aksh is an early employee. They've won international competitions, and worked with fortune 500 companies.

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💰 High ROI
We're Seeking (Mostly) Grants

However, we accept private investments as well. We'll also be pitching internationally in April.

Get Yo Self a Part-Time Position
We May Want Your Talent

We're looking for post-grads, doctorate, and/or high schoolers to help in the computational and management areas 👀. If you work for a company and would like to partner, please contact us.


Crediting Support

We'd like to recognize our best current partners and mentors! Thanks for being here to help.